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  About Living on Wheels

The program

Living on Wheels is a program to help kids and young adults master their wheelchairs.

It also aims to help kids discover and persue activites and sport.

Living on Wheels, based in Brisbane, was founded in 2013 and is owned and run by George Kambouris.

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Wheelchair Manoevring
Hand Eye Coordination

George Kambouris

George has never let being in a wheelchair stop him from having a good time in life or from getting out amongst the world.

Born an Australian Greek with Spina Bifida, he has been fortunate enough to have grown up with the love and support of a large family.

The oldest of four boys with all three brothers having sons, George is well liked by all his nephews and god sons and they, like all children, find his passion for life infectious.

George has represented his country here and overseas in a number of National, Pacific and International sporting events.

Having started with swimming and athletics he then took up weightlifting and has won numerous medals for his efforts.

The pinnacle of which was the 1982 FESPIC (Far East and South Pacific) Games in Hong Kong.

In 2000 he was inducted to the Greek Australian Sports Halls of Fame.

Since then, he as taken up handcycling in the last decade. Playing a prominent part in growing the sport both in Queensland and nationally. He just can't get enough!




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There are many people and groups working hard, often voluntarily to help make everything come together for Living on Wheels.
George would like to thank:

PCYC Carindale

Special Care Central

Carindale Connect

Wicked Wheelchairds

Daryl Wood


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